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We are working very hard to continue raising funds to help in need graduating seniors with their senior year expenses. Think about it. How would you feel if everyone around is excited about a yearbook, prom, and grad night … and you can’t be a part of the festivities? The funds we raise will go towards helping a graduating senior with these items.

The students we are trying to help are from families struggling to make ends meet, single parent homes, family illness, grandparents on fixed incomes, foster children, and students who are homeless, couch hopping, or in homeless shelters. We have met them all and we know how much it means to them to have the opportunity to be a part of the senior year excitement. Many of them just don’t think it’s possible because it seems so unreachable – we want to change that and we can with your help.

With all the difficulties they have faced, they remain committed to graduating with the hope of a brighter future. A future of going to college, vocational school, or the military. A dream of perhaps of breaking the cycle and being the first to graduate from high school, or the first in their family to go to college.

To date, we have purchased 55 caps and gowns, 31 grad night tickets, 30 prom tickets, and 40 yearbooks. It is approximately $375 – $400 per student for each to receive a cap and gown, yearbook, prom ticket, and grad night ticket. We are continuing to receive requests and will do our best to help with each request.

How wonderful it has been helping Caroline McAllister as she photographs the students. She has provided the students with senior pictures for the past 6 years – all at her own expense and time. You just have no idea what it means to these kids to have these beautiful portraits. Tears of joy are shed by the parents, guardians, and family members as they watch their child being photographed in their finery and their cap and gown…reality really sets in that they are graduating! So many of these kids have overcome so many obstacles and challenges and they never gave up! This is a gift that will last forever and I am forever grateful to Caroline McAllister for her very giving heart.

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