Angels' Closet | How to Help
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How to Help

Angels’ Closet Charities relies solely upon the generosity of the community. We provide new and gently used clothing to students not only because it’s a necessity, but because it helps financially challenged students feel a sense of normalcy and belonging when they’re able to participate in memorable activities such as homecoming, prom, graduation and other school social events. The end result is enhanced morale and self-worth.


New and gently used clothing for middle school and high school boys and girls of all sizes is always welcome.


Summer is nearly here, so any seasonal-appropriate items you can provide to our students would be greatly appreciated.


We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for your generosity, thank you! You can donate fund directly into the Angel’s Closet Paypal through the button below. Cash donations are always welcome as well to help us buy new shoes, socks, and underwear as well as clothing in hard to find sizes. All donations are tax-deductible.


The boys love AXE products and the girls Bath and Body Works — it’s so much fun to watch their faces when they receive these items. Oftentimes, families only have enough money for food, so having deodorant, toothpaste and toiletries is a luxury.


Interested in helping us out? Contact Pat Williams regarding volunteer opportunities or ways you can become involved with Angels’ Closet.

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove . . . but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child “

Forest Witcraft

Give us a call at 909-794-7967 or fill out the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!



Thank you Cheryl and Larry for always being here for Angels’ Closet. Your ongoing support and willingness to help high school students in need is greatly appreciated.


TJ Pitts, you are amazing! We’re so appreciative your efforts to provide lasting memories for young people who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to have their hair styled for homecoming and prom. Your incredibly generous support with our Spring Fashion Show is invaluable!


We are very appreciative of Haven’s support throughout the past six years. Their involvement in our Annual Goodwill fundraiser, and Martha Green’s Tea fundraiser has helped make these two major fundraisers of ours a success. The annual Haven Open House is a fundraiser for Angels’ Closet Charities and three no-kill animal shelters. Without Haven, we would not be able to provide some of the assistance that we do. Owners Nadine and Dan are always available to volunteer and help whenever help is needed.


Thank you Tricia for your kindness and generosity in donating clothing to Angels’ Closet Charities. It is always a joy to tell a young lady that the garment they are trying on came from Nectar. Thank you for the clothing drives too! The girls love Nectar! We appreciate you always being there when we need help! The Fashion Show was a hit because of you, your family, and employees!


Angels’ Closet was awarded a grant from Children’s Fund that will help us provide high school students with clothing, shoes, socks and underwear. We’re very grateful for these much-needed funds. Feeling like you fit in is so important at this age and clothes are a big part of that, so it’s imperative that these young people don’t feel the need to stay home from school due to lack of proper clothes.


Pastor Wallace, his wife Cindi and the entire congregation have been loving supporters of Angels’ Closet Charities. They provide food for our families during the Holidays. This is brought so much joy and happiness to the families. One mother said “my boys ate so good”. We are grateful for the joy they bring to young ladies during prom season. The hair styling, makeup, manicures, and pedicures are luxuries – a luxury these young ladies don’t often get. They offer help whenever help is needed.