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Being a small local charity, never in our wildest dream did we think we would be a recipient of this amazing gift.  Amazon believes in giving back and donates to charities, schools, and organizations throughout the United States.  When Kelly Koehler of West Bound Communications contacted me about a company possibly making a large donation to Angels’ Closet there was so many questions to ask and excitement even thinking about it. When they rolled that big 52 foot tractor trailer into the parking lot our hearts were beating so fast with so much anticipation

Thank you so much Amazon and all your employees, West Bound Communications, Mr. Maloney and his amazing staff and all the kids and everyone that was out there to help share in the moment of accepting $15,000 in clothing for our kids.  It has been Christmas for us ever since opening boxes, stocking the closet, and most of all the joy of giving the kids NEW clothes, shoes, skin care products, and so much more.  We are eternally grateful for this most amazing gift from Amazon.

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